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Διακοπές στη Θάσο Διακοπές στην Ποταμιά Holiday in Thassos Holidays in Thassos Vacation in Skala Potamias Thassos Διακοπές στη Θάσο Διακοπές στην Ποταμιά Holiday in Thassos Διακοπές στην Ποταμιά

Holidays in Thassos

The island of Thassos is one of the northern islands in Aegean prized for its beautiful beaches, villages and archaeological remains, only 33 km from Kavala, 11 km from Keramoti and the Airport of Kavala - Thassos. Holidays in Thassos will bring you closer to the magnificent nature as most of the areas are forests of oaks, pine trees and olives. At Ipsario mountain with height 1200 m, are small springs, waterfalls and a small lake.

Enjoy your vacation in Skala Potamias taking a walk to the Port where you can see the ancient remains, the theater, the ancient market place, the tombs for the gods, Acropolis and the Byzantine castle with its impressive walls and the ancient remains of Alikis showing the great culture of the ancient island. This small, nearly circular island of 110 km and an area of land over 379 km2. The coastal fishing villages have now become modern tourist resorts, but the old villages in the mountains retain their picturesque charm and traditions.

At the main port of Thassos, Potos, Limenaria and Skala Potamias you can find the nightlife of the island. Each year many events take place during the festival of Thassos, like theatrical performances, concerts, etc. The island of Thassos compared to other Greek islands still retains its purity and its naturalness.

Hotel Miramare wishes you enjoy your holiday in Thassos, a magnificent island of the Aegean Sea.